A closer look at our “Can it Run Crysis?” mode

Picked up an RTX GPU? Push it to the limit with Crysis Remastered’s ultra-high graphics settings

If you’ve invested in the latest hardware for your PC, you’ll want to check out Crysis Remastered on our top graphics setting, “Can it Run Crysis?” mode. Paying homage to the “But can it run Crysis?” meme inspired by 2007’s original Crysis, we wanted to introduce a setting that once again lets players push performance as far as they can.

The “Can it Run Crysis?” setting is designed as a future-proofed benchmark. It includes unlimited view distances, no LOD changes, and more detailed shadows, which will strain every last bit of performance from your hardware, and indeed, future hardware. We hope PC gamers around the world will love this opportunity to play a game that will push hardware technology to its limits, including experiencing ray tracing in Crysis.

If you’ve invested in an RTX GPU, the game will automatically detect it, and hardware ray tracing will be enabled. If you have a lower Nvidia driver version number than 452 you’ll get a popup saying that hardware ray tracing is disabled. Please update your drivers to enable hardware ray tracing for RTX GPUs and then let the fun begin. Thanks to CRYENGINE’s unique ray tracing technology, graphics settings from “High” up to “Can it Run Crysis?” will enable software ray tracing by default. If you can run hardware ray tracing, however, tracing performance will be up to 10 times faster than with our software ray tracing solution.

There are many options in the game to scale the performance. For example, ray tracing quality gives you up to 40-50% more performance when switching between “Performance” and “Can it run Crysis?” modes. Investigate the different settings and find what’s right for you.

We have received reports that some players have experienced CPU bottlenecks. This can be because software ray tracing uses a lot of CPU resources. We have also added a lot of new vegetation into Crysis Remastered, meaning draw calls are very high. This can be adjusted in the settings. For example, if you are playing with a 9900k CPU and a 2080TI GPU, you can achieve over 200 fps in 1080p in “Low” mode but only 20-30 fps in 4k when running the game in “Can it Run Crysis?” mode.

When you increase the display resolution, the CPU bottleneck will decrease, and GPU performance improves. That means, depending on your hardware, you could get the same frame rate in 1440p as in 1080p. Whether you’re playing Crysis for the first time or reliving the original, we hope that you enjoy playing around with the different settings and seeing how far you can push performance on your rig,
Enjoy Crysis Remastered!

The Crysis Team