Crysis Remastered Tech Video

Find out more about the visual upgrades and technology that powers Crysis Remastered.

Crysis Remastered
Crysis 2007

Crysis 2007
Crysis Remastered

Use the slider to compare 2007’s original with Crysis Remastered. Features include:

  • Can it run Crysis 8K mode
  • Global Illumination
  • Ray Tracing
  • Depth of field
  • High quality textures

What makes Crysis special

Game World


Play strategically and carve your own path of destruction through Crysis Remastered’s beautiful sandbox levels.




Four powerful modes

Adapt to every situation in real-time by using the Nanosuit’s four powers to your advantage.

Armor Mode

Armor mode provides protection from incoming projectiles and other hazards like heat and radiation.


Customize your arsenal

Adapt to the situation and modify your weapons with attachments on-the-fly. Add scopes, suppressors, and more.


Raptor team

Meet Raptor Team

An elite unit of post-human warriors, whose body and flesh is fused with the advanced alien technology of the Nanosuit.

  • Name Jake Dunn
  • Species Human Gender Male
  • Military Information First Lieutenant

An athletic, exemplary and reliable soldier, Jake “Nomad” Dunn was considered a proficient follower of orders rather than a leader. A late call-up to Raptor team, Nomad must rise to the challenge ahead.

  • Name Laurence Barnes
  • Species Human Gender Male
  • Military Information Major

Raptor Team’s squad leader, Laurence “Prophet” Barnes is a seasoned military veteran who became the first soldier to try on the Nanosuit and transform into a post-human warrior.

  • Name Michael Sykes
  • Species Human Gender Male
  • Military Information Information Sergeant

A former member of the British SAS, Michael “Psycho” Sykes follows his own code of honor, much to the chagrin of his superiors, to get the mission done.

Raptor team

The Mission

When North Korean forces take control of the Lingshan Islands, a team of American civilian architects sends out a distress call, revealing that they have made a discovery that could change the world. A discovery that can’t fall into enemy hands. Raptor Team is dispatched to evacuate them. But what begins as a routine rescue mission transforms into an all-out war against a new alien invasion, as the islands become a battleground for the future of humanity itself.

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