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  • Subject: Weird graphics issues Crysis Warhead Single Player

    I am having 3 weird issues that just started happening

    1st issue:

    I am playing and when i use the Missile Launcher , the gun itself disappears sometimes , but all other weapons look fine

    2nd issue:
    Sometimes the entire screen goes BLUE for a few seconds when i am inside a structure where its dark (the Train Depot for example) usually right after the night vision shuts off

    3rd issue:

    I get to the part where i am at the Airfield , i get to the tower and go to the top and get on the radio , after that , if i die , i fall thru the building like its not there , each time i respawn (from the Auto Save Point) its the same ,i respawn and i just fall to my death , so i go back to the Main Menu , choose the save location , and start over from there and its fine unless i die again , then it sends me back to the tower (the auto save point) and i fall thru again

    If i start over at the prior spawn (going to the tower , before reaching the radio) , i get to the tower and i go inside , climb the stairs , and get to the radio , everything is fine unless i die , then i respawn and go to the tower again and to the stairs , and i walk thru them like they are not there and walk right outside , its like the tower has no wire frame or something so its just looks like its there but its not so i cant get to the top unless i use the ladder on the outside rear of the tower , if i climb it , i get to the top and fall to my death because the building is like its not there even though it is , its getting annoying , any suggestions ??

    Basic Specs:
    Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2
    Intel Pentium Dual Core E2200 2.2GHz
    4 gb ram
    ATI Radeon HD 5450 1gb Video card
    28 Aug 2014, 23:33

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