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  • 22 Nov 2014, 06:57
  • 22 Nov 2014, 21:23
  • Subject: Re: The future of Crysis

    Right now I am looking forward to Homefront: The Revolution.

    Other than that I'd love to see a Crysis trilogy for PS4 and Xbox One, with remastered graphics and online multiplayer.

    For the next major installment in the Crysis franchise I personally would go for a soft reboot, it would still be a continuation (sort of) of the story arc from the first trilogy but largely independent.
    After CELL has been dismantled and the ALPHA Ceph defeated, the extraterrestrial threat is no more. Abandoned CELL facilities are looted all over the world, with people equipping themselves with former Nanosuit gloves (enhancing their punches), Nanosuit boots (run faster, jump higher) and basically looking to be the most powerful augmented human being on earth. This would also play into Crytek's F2P model, you know, pay for better Nanosuit parts, special colors and so on. But, unbeknownst to all, China has heen working on something special, something sinister, something fierce. Using scrapes of Ceph DNA, China has accomplished what Nietzshe only dreamed of in his book "Thus spoke Zarathustra"... China has created the world's first Übermensch.
    24 Dec 2014, 14:49

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