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  • Subject: Your most killer Screenshots

    Since were now able to post at least one-three pics. on the site.
    Let's see who has the most kills in a screenshot of Crysis - to - Crysis 2
    I'll post my first screenshot in a moment.

    Note: Let's all try not to post any other screenshots from other games while were here.
    22 Oct 2010, 13:11
  • 22 Oct 2010, 14:55
  • 24 Oct 2010, 03:14
  • Subject: Re: Your most killer Screenshots

    You can take screenshots by pressing F12 in-game and the image will be saved to the Crysis folder in your My Documents folder :)
    24 Oct 2010, 03:31
  • Subject: Re: Your most killer Screenshots

    Here is a couple, I used to have a couple of 200/10 matches in my screenshots folder but I tend to keep my computer pretty clean and they got deleted. Anyway, here is all the screenshots I have right now:



    Oh, and here are some epic Crysis Warhead shots for the warm graphical goodness. :)



    Thats all. :)
    24 Oct 2010, 04:06
  • 24 Oct 2010, 08:14
  • 24 Oct 2010, 12:44
  • 24 Oct 2010, 13:26
  • Subject: Re: Your most killer Screenshots

    Shinanigans wrote:Old school, baby!
    Crysis 2007-10-10 23-15-29-25.jpg

    Just love this shot.

    For the luls

    Ultra mega killer shots, man!!!!
    Still loving the nuke pic, can't understand the one for luls?
    24 Oct 2010, 13:26
  • 24 Oct 2010, 13:45

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