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  • Subject: Crysis wars no longer supported?

    A friend posted this on my clan's site, and I verified it. What gives?

    PS This forum layout and software sucks.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:01
  • Subject: Pumkbuster must have removed

    Pumkbuster must have removed the files from their website. :(

    I hope Crytek gives them an email about this. This is the second complaint I have seen about this and nobody can play properly in the future if they can't update their punkbuster. This will just kill Crysis Wars even more than it already is dead.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:04
  • Subject: Its gamespy not

    Its gamespy not punkbuster.
    PB stopped supporting Crysis long time ago.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:06
  • 26 Aug 2010, 06:07
  • Subject: How long has it been down?

    How long has it been down? Gamespy has crashed a couple times before. Let the problem sit a couple hours and see what happens.

    We know support for Wars is bad, but not THAT bad I think. ;)

    If it really is down forever, I have some serious ass kicking to give out.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:10
  • 26 Aug 2010, 06:12
  • Subject: Well when gamespy crashes, is

    Well when gamespy crashes, is that the message that comes up? I have never seen that message before in 3 years of playing crysis.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:12
  • Subject: You just get the "Disconnect

    You just get the "Disconnect from Server" when the master server goes down. Or can't connect at all.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:15
  • 26 Aug 2010, 06:16
  • Subject: Crytek, what's up? You

    Crytek, what's up? You developing your own master server? Patch 1.6? xD Gamespy contract run out?

    I will NOT be buying Crysis 2 if this doesn't get fixed. And I will keep my word on that.
    26 Aug 2010, 06:23

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