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Journey through the Seven Wonders of Crysis 3

One City, Seven Wonders. What was once a bustling metropolis filled with streets and skyscrapers is now a lush urban rainforest, with seven distinct landscapes from raging rivers or dense swamplands to open fields or high canopies. Each of these 'Wonders' offers unique terrain and new enemies, demanding new tactics as you become the ultimate hunter. Nature was able to adapt to the Liberty Dome - will you?

EPISODE 6: End of Days

Save Mankind:  To deliver the world from evil, Prophet will require all the power of the Nanosuit to stop the threat of the CELL Corporation and Alien Cephs. 

EPISODE 5: Ultimate Weapon

Suit Up: A good tailor will tell you that the suit makes the man.

The Nanosuit is the most incredible combat suit ever created with unique strength, stealth, and armor capabilities.

EPISODE 4: Typhoon

Advanced Weaponry: Prophet will need the best weapons to succeed in his journey.

Crysis 3 introduces the Typhoon: one of the world's finest weapons, capable of firing 500 rounds fired in a second. Do we need to say more?

EPISODE 3: Cause & Effect

In this "7 Wonders of Crysis 3" episode, Prophet combines the powerful Nanosuit with lethal weaponry to take down an elite group of CELL soldiers.

Assess. Adapt. Attack: Prophet utilizes a deadly combination of the Nanosuit and lethal weapons to attack Cell soldiers protecting a hidden power station in the sandbox environment of the former NYC financial district.

EPISODE 2: The Hunt

In this "7 Wonders of Crysis 3" episode, Prophet prepares to take down an elite group of CELL soldiers -- but he's not the only thing that's hunting.

No matter the target, Crysis 3's Predator Bow has a tactical solution to any problem you may face in the 7 Wonders of the Nanodome. Directed by the acclaimed motion picture director Albert Hughes, "The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3" cinematic series showcases the stunning visuals, dynamic environments and the intense tactical warfare gameplay that's featured in Crysis 3./p>

EPISODE 1: Hell of a Town

Prophet returns to a New York City in lockdown, a broken metropolis entombed inside the CELL Corporation's Nanodome, in this all new video directed by Albert Hughes.

The "Liberty Dome" has transformed much of New York City into an urban rainforest, teaming with colossal trees, dense swamplands and raging rivers. The dangers of this new environment will demand advanced weaponry and tactics-- luckily the Nanosuit is more than up to the task of hunting down Prophet's enemies in Crysis 3.

TEASER: The Premiere

Albert Hughes speaks on his experience creating these films: “When EA and Crytek approached me about being involved in creating ‘The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3’ video series, I liked the idea of creating emotional stories using only computer generated images,” stated Albert Hughes. “The challenge of producing something intensely human without ever seeing a human on screen was incredibly compelling, and this was a chance for me to do that using a completely unique medium.”

At 20 years old, filmmaker Albert Hughes shot to stardom when he and his twin brother, Allen, wrote and directed the seminal film, Menace II Society. For “The 7 Wonders of Crysis 3” video series, Albert was intimately involved with the development team at Crytek, writing the scripts, storyboards and shot plan for each video that was created entirely using in-game assets powered by Crytek’s revolutionary CryENGINE® 3 technology.

“The goal with the ‘7 Wonders of Crysis 3’ video series is to reveal the incredible world we have been building for Crysis 3 and to let CryENGINE take center stage to highlight the power of our state- of-the-art game engine,” said Cevat Yerli, Chief Executive Officer of Crytek. “We’ve worked closely with Albert on this project and think that the 7 Wonders series will show the leaps and bounds that Crysis 3 is making over its predecessors.”

  • EPISODE 6: End of Days

  • EPISODE 5: Ultimate Weapon

  • EPISODE 4: Typhoon

  • EPISODE 3: Cause & Effect

  • EPISODE 2: The Hunt

  • EPISODE 1: Hell of a Town

  • TEASER: The Premiere

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